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    What is Airsoft?…


    Airsoft is full on military simulated scenarios with realistic imitation weapons and equipment enabling the player to not only play the games, but live the scenarios.


    What is Airsoft

    Is Airsoft expensive?


    Airsoft is considerably less expensive than paintball, you don’t have the constant feeling that laying covering fire for a colleague to capture a strategic point is going to cost you an arm and a leg, it allows you to get fully involved in the game.

    Airborne Airsoft offer some exclusive private party events which can be fun for the family or a hard-core stag event being just a couple of examples. With several sites to choose from why not contact us and we will work with you to design and arrange your bespoke party or corporate event. Click on the locations tab for more information on the locations we have available.

    Looking to get your kids off the Xbox and into the fresh air? Then why not bring them along to our Young guns games! Designed for 11-17 year olds we run fun events at our woodland site and not only facilitate a fun days’ worth of games for your kids but we also include elements of teaching new skills, building team work and encouraging personal responsibility – core values – into all of our sessions, all for cheaper than the cost of a baby sitter for the day! Click the young guns tab for more Intel

    Milsim games are military simulation games and Airborne Airsoft has a long running campaign, ‘Total War’ which is based around the Vendetta warriors versus the NATO forces. The missions are immersive and based on intelligence gathering and planning and missions may last all day and these games require much more elements of tactics than a typical woodland skirmish game. Click on the Total War tab for more Intel.



    Airborne airsoft aim to improve our customers’ airsoft experience regardless where you choose to play by offering progressive training based around real steel military and police tactical firearms courses.  Our training wing cadre sessions are progressive and run by qualified military instructors and the skills and drills we teach have been adapted to make them more relevant to the capability of airsoft weapons but with a very real feel to the sessions. Click on the training wing tab for more Intel.


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