Who Are Airborne Airsoft?

Airborne Airsoft has been created by a team of ex-forces and veteran-airsoft professionals with the training and first hand experience to deliver the ultimate combat simulation to our customers, whether you are an experienced airsoft veteran yourself or a newbie, we will make you live the scenarios with regular briefings and Intel updates as the missions progress with the outcome dependant on you, the player.

Our aim is to provide military combat scenarios in a safe and controlled environment and ensure the maximum enjoyment of our clients.

Our team and Company Directors



Airborne Airsoft Director – I have served in the armed forces for over 20 years and I have completed over 54 months of Operational Tours. Some of the areas of expertise I qualified as an instructor are; Explosive & Demolitions, PTI Instructors Course, Battle instructors courses in Weapons & Tactics, Skill at arms Instructor, Range instructor at levels 1-5 and amongst some other courses I am also a Nuclear Biological Chemical Warfare Instructor. I also spent time learning Winter Warfare with Jäger Battalion in Germany.

I also achieved a Bodyguard Diploma Course Wales with Mark Yates TGSI and worked as a VIP EPO, Close Protection, Surveillance, Counter-Surveillance, Profiling, Threat Assessment, Counter Stalking / Harassment Specialist. I have 4 years ‘experience teaching army cadets and the Territorial Army as a permanent staff instructor. I am currently one of the directors of Airborne Airsoft.






Airborne Airsoft Director – I have served for over 18 years in various roles in the police and military. I started out as a combat med tech in the regular army and after a few twists and turns joined the Metropolitan police service where I worked in Diplomatic protection at Downing Street and some Embassies, Provided the first armed security at the City airport in light of 9/11 and then moved on to Belmarsh Crown Court providing armed protection at Terrorist trials. I concluded my police service in CO19 as a ‘Trojan’ armed response officer working in a tactical firearms unit trained in CTW and operation Kratos.

I am a qualified Tri service military instructor and civilian qualified assessor and teacher and I recently achieved all 9 certificates required to qualify as a Maritime Security Operator to conduct private security operations abroad.

I work periodically in Management training and Conflict Management consultancy and am a qualified SIA Conflict management trainer and a licensed Physical Intervention instructor. I am also currently serving as an Army reserve communication Specialist. I have previously served on various units within the RAMC, the HAC and the RLC on an EOD unit mainly working in conventional munitions disposal, surveillance and explosives processing and attended and passed a regular army all arms Skill At Arms instructors qualification at the Infantry Battle School in Brecon. I am an army medic and Battle casualty drills Instructor.


We have turned our passion into our profession..

Airborne Airsoft Staff


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