Company Rules

1) All rules as indicated herein apply to all visitors without exception.

2) The term site refers to the gaming areas & all other properties owned or leased by the Company.

3) The term Company refers to Airborne Airsoft.

4) The Partner’s of the Company, their nominees & representatives reserve the right to refuse admission &/or exclude any individual or group from the site without explanation.

5) The Owners decision is final in all instances.

6) All sites used by the Company allow some public access. Due to the isolated locations it is unlikely that members of the public will be encountered The boundaries of the sites are marked, in most cases by wired fences and warning signs that are posted at access points. Should any members of the public appear they must be treated with respect and courtesy and must not under any circumstances be shot or shot at.

7) Cars are parked at the car user’s / car owner’s risk. The Company will not be responsible for any losses whatsoever from vehicles parked at their sites.

8) All players must sign an insurance waiver before commencing play.

9) Respect the environment & follow the Countryside Code:

•   Make no unnecessary noise
•   Guard against all risk of fire.
•   Fasten all gates. Keep to public paths across farmland.
•   Use gates and stiles to cross fences, hedges and walls.
•   Leave livestock, crops and machinery alone.
•   Take your litter home.
•   Help keep all water clean.
•   Protect wildlife, plants and trees.
•   Take special care on country roads.
•   Enjoy the countryside and respect its life and work.

10) All litter shall be taken home by player’s and not discarded on any of Airborne Airsoft’  sites.

11) All players must respect the living environment by not deliberately damaging live trees.

12) Players are responsible for their own health & safety. They should be aware that Airborne Airsoft sites present certain hazards intrinsic to an isolated rural location. Airborne Airsoft reserves the right to refuse entry or refuse admission to any persons without adequate suitable kit in the interests of their own safety.

13) All players shall obey any instructions given by the Partners, their nominees or representatives.

14) The Site Safety Officer (SSO) will give a Safety Brief before the start of play. All players must ensure they are on site & booked in at or before the specified time. The SSO is a representative of Airborne Airsoft & will be obeyed at all times. His decision is final in all instances concerning site safety.

15) Airborne Airsoft use passive & active Directing Staff (DS) marshalling within the game. Marshal’s are representatives of the Company & must be obeyed at all times. Any complaints regarding the conduct of any Directing Staff (DS) Marshall must be reported immediately to either of the Company Partners.

16) No one under 18 years of age shall use pyrotechnics in accordance with UK law.

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