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The armed forces work as a team, all working towards a common goal so why don’t you and your colleagues give military life a go for a weekend.

At Airborne Airsoft we take what we have learnt in the forces and bring this to the corporate world. This is a fantastic way to get everyone working as a team and out of their standard environment, showing staff that their actions can influence the outcome. We have highly trained facilitators to deliver dynamic team development and management training courses. The facilitation and activities we provide can help your company move forward.

On-going training and development is vital for any team to succeed and at Airborne Airsoft we can work with you to design a training day that focuses on specific goals or objectives – whether you have new team members, need to improve inter-department communication or give your staff the opportunity to develop their creative thinking and problem solving skills we are here to help!

Businesses change constantly – whether in times of growth or during periods of financial instability – we can train your leaders and teams to cope with change and equip them with the skills to develop creative and effective strategies.

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Key to success for any company or department, we can help you define your strategy and how to deal with it. Achieve ‘buy in’ at all levels, boost morale, enhance motivation and experience effective team working.

Key to success for any company or department, we can help you define your strategy and how to deal with it. Achieve ‘buy in’ at all levels, boost morale, enhance motivation and experience effective team working.

Key to success for any company or department, we can help you define your strategy and how to deal with it. Achieve ‘buy in’ at all levels, boost morale, enhance motivation and experience effective team working.

Team building is probably the most over-used term within the business training sector – but what does it really mean and how can you ensure it is used as an effective training solution?
At Airborne Airsoft we ensure that all team building events are built around your learning objectives – and that all participants understand the purpose of the training, take the time to reflect on their performance and how they will use their new found motivation, skills and knowledge to improve their performance back at the workplace. By hiring an event facilitator to lead your day you can be sure that the focus of the training is not lost but that the event is still fun and enjoyable for all those involved.
Team building days can be used as a company wide training initiative or part of a particular departmental training programme and are carried out for a wide range of reasons including:

Welcoming new team members
Motivating teams that have had to deal with conflict or set-backs
Rebuilding teams after redundancies
Working under a new team leader/manager
Allowing a new manager to identify team roles and dynamics
Increase productivity
Improve inter-department communication

Team building events can incorporate a range of Team Challenges, Problem Solving, Multi Activities and Airsoft skirmish games – visit our customer feedback page to view customer testimonials.

For some tasks, all working together may necessitate that roles are delegated within the group, which can be very insightful for observers or team members to see which participants are more dominant and willing to take charge while others are willing to step down and let somebody else take the lead. In this way, should it be necessary, the instructor present can ensure that all team members have a chance to lead and ensure that the less confident people step out of their comfort zones to experience a different way of participating in a group activity, which may be just what they need to help them be more self-confident and take control of situations in the future. Similarly, those more confident individuals can be encouraged to step down and let someone else take charge to experience a different way of working.

When working under time and mental pressures, working together efficiently may mean make or break for the success of the task, and this can translate easily into a corporate situation. In a competitive team-building situation, working well together can ensure the team scores more points and therefore are more likely to win the overall challenge over their competitors. This helps develop healthy and amicable competition between employees as well as building bonds within teams.

Due to the competitive nature of this sort of event, teams are likely to experience high and low points throughout the challenge which will allow them to analyse their teamwork and communication skills, for example scoring the maximum amount of points possible for a part of a task or alternatively failing an element. However, whatever befalls them, the team spirit they have build throughout the course of the event should keep them looking forward to their ultimate goal of winning and having fun throughout! While one team will ultimately win overall, all teams will leave feeling a strong sense of achievement and camaraderie and hopefully will have gained some new companions, while understanding better the ways to work together to achieve success and attain goals far beyond the limits of the event itself.

Our corporate rate can vary depending on group size and venue required. Our typical fee per head for a private corporate day is £85 per head for the first ten players then £75 thereafter. The exception to this rule is if Longmoor Army camp is required then the rate increases to £160 per head for the first 20 players then £120 thereafter to account for the extra rental costs we incur when hiring the facilities on camp for the day. A minimum of 20 players is required for hire of this venue.

We are fully registered as a limited company and insured. We are also DBS compliant.

Why not take team-building to another level and contact us now on 07947989230 to discuss your requirements

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