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Private Young Guns Birthday Party at Fleming Lines:

Hi John

It was a fantastic birthday party for Kristian, and we must thank you. They
had great fun and learnt a lot. A few of the other lads have already said it
was the best birthday party they had ever been to, and I think they will be
in contact with you in the future !

Best wishes

Private stag party at Longmoor Camp 16th April 2016

John and Kenny,

I can safely say that we all had a great day and the stories and banter continued all evening!It was an extremely well organised and executed event. You guys offer something different and everyone spoke about the morning session as ahighlight so thank you for your efforts on that. You make a very professional and entertaining team!

We would 100% recommend you guys and hope to return one day. Educational, engaging, immesive, action packed and great fun!!

Thanks for making a memorable stag do. Keep up the good work!!



24hr Private training Fleming Lines

A Full feedback from Dr Brownell on the 24hr Weekend with Airborne Airsoft

My son and I spent 24hrs with Kenny and John at Airborne. They brought us through weapons drills, foot drills, CQB exercises and even night patrols. They also demonstrated numerous skills including weapon retention techniques and bushcraft. Speaking as a trainer; these two guys are truly superb at what they do. Their training syllabus is structured, organised and well planned. Their delivery is natural. These guys didn’t learn their trade from reading books; they clearly live and breathe this stuff. They adhered to their training protocols but altered the delivery to suit our capabilities and interests. safety was, quite simply non-negotiable but it never impinged upon the realism of the experience. The organisation of the event was outstanding. Everything was planned and communicated well in advance so everyone knew exactly what was going to happen and when. I simply cannot say enough fantastic things about John and Kenny, their skills, their organisation and their facilities at Airborne airsoft.

After two weeks in the UK and attendance at other “seemingly, high-profile” airsoft events, it was Airborne that left us grinning from ear to ear. We will be back again, for sure and we would recommend Airborne to everyone. If you fancy a truly awesome father-son outing you will find it hard to beat a session like the one we have just enjoyed. Airborne airsoft create lifetime experiences and treasured memories. Thanks guys – you MADE our holiday and we will be talking about this for YEARS to come!!!

Brownell & Jordan O’Connor
Co. Offaly,

P.S. guys, don’t ever hesitate to give anyone my contact details if you would like a reference customer. We genuinely feel like we owe you something more in return for all you did for us so don’t hesitate…. Anything we can do for you guys, we will try.

Best Regards,
Dr. Brownell
The Customer Interaction Doctor

Private Party Fleming Lines

From John Watson

Hi Kenny and John,

Just a quick one to say thank you for everything on Saturday. I know all the boys really enjoyed themselves, James in particular! Everything was great and really well organised, really was a fantastic day.

Hope to see you again,


 Op Phoenix

Carl Heath

21 June 18:08

Yep well said Jeffers and again special thanks to airbourne airsoft for making such an organized pump action event again walked away leaving me pinging of the walls an probly will be for the next few days can’t wait for Aug 30th!!



Jeffrey Brouwer

21 June 17:22

Airborne airsoft done it again awesome game great team ones again and a lot of sweaty ballocks

Team 9/10
Communication 6.5/10 we gotta sort this out next game lads
motivation 8/10
good laugh 9/10

after all an amazing day awesome objective special thanks to John Fleming for the amazing drone really cool mate 🙂
after all we had no Stuart John Usher this time but Ben Harding did a good job and a thanks to Simon Lamb would be in place as well for the quick and smooth command pickup when ben went down for a few mins

keep it up lads 3/3 now so we gotta rape em even harder next time

o and for Kenny Airborne told u we had skills hahaha cheers dude awesome game 🙂


 Mark Campbell

Yesterday at 19:14

awesome game today guys thanks for the invite 😀


Matt Childs Great game as always chaps!


Ramon Arana Many thanks for today and Well done to the organisers, I had a great time! 



Simon Lamb I guess Lambo is sticking now Ken ? Thanks AA for another great, well organised and well thought out event.


Steven Flynn As this was my first mil sim I would just like to say a big thank you to the smoking comando team who took me and james under their wing and also thanks to kenny john and the directing staff for maling it a really enjoyable day. We are looking forward to attending the next mission, hopefully with better comms units. See you at the next CQB evening Steve. James. Emma, team Omega


Ben Harding mentioned Airborne Airsoft on Facebook in a post in NATO forces

Ben Harding

22 June 16:27

Just echoing what Jeffrey Brouwer said earlier, many thanks firstly to all the Nato troops, whether as part of our own individual teams or split up on the battlefield after contact with the enemy and finding yourself next to an unfamiliar but Nato face we all to a man and woman mixed in superbly and did what was necessary to get the job done.

At first we were confident that due to our group agreement of where the grid coordinates where and due to our prior planning we would quickly be in possession of the drone needed to secure our objectives, after visiting and searching these locations as well as gaining pretty instant Intel on the Jafar respawn it was surprising to hear back on the comms that the drone had not been located, what followed was an inspired re-search of the locations under heavy contact and a beating sun for our objective.

This lasted over 2 hours but despite all adversity what we never did is let our heads drop and we all focused on the mission whilst at the same time inflicting a savage kill ratio on the Jafar leaving them struggling to regroup, at 1pm a strong force that had moved as a squad for an hour battled through ferns, hills and reached the perimeter razor wire before locating the drone in a spot not located by prior Intel but fed through in tiny drips by Kenny Airborne Nato Command and sadistic ringmaster that he is, you were cursed many times but without you as command it certainly wouldn’t of been the day it was!

What followed was a change in leadership due to my failing physical condition and a forced break for an hour as i felt as sick as a Jafar dog at that point, i left my faithful 2IC in Mark Collins in charge of the Barbarians and a vital comms point between the new Nato Zero Simon Lamb who took the reins superbly and confidently and made sure the drone Intel was secured by a snatch squad of Smoking Commandos and others from a dead drop secured by Intel, what followed in the afternoon was a re-energized Nato force that just said no to any Jafar requests of giving an inch and victory was secured by moving and securing the drone under constant fire for over an hour, at the end of the battle we secured most if not all of our objectives and inflicted heavier losses on the enemy than they inflicted on us and that’s a great day at the office in my book!

Going forwards to Op Firefly we welcome the return of Stuart John Usher and Tony Usher as Nato Zeros and we have drawn the game back from a 1-3 deficit to level at 3-3 and full of confidence and are primed to take an advantage in the Total War campaign! Lastly many thanks all the other guys at Airborne Airsoft John Fleming Matt Yates Arthur and Escher and the other new chaps and not forgetting Kieran Smith Jafar Command as it must be hard seeing your boys smashed twice on the trot and knowing its going to happen again at Op Firefly, get planning mate because we are starting to gel as a big unit and with the other guys we had yesterday who blended perfectly and had not played Longmoor before soon we will ultimately victorious!!!!

P.S. We did tell you the night before how it would be, we never take the enemy or mission lightly but are confident if you give us a job it will get done!

Private Birthday Party Fleming Lines

Charles Halford

Commented on Airborne Airsoft’s Facebook Page

  • Just come back from what I would say has been one of the most exciting times of my life. I think I speak for everyone present, when I say that Airborne Airsoft organised a day which was not only action packed and fun, but was extremely flexible to our individual needs. Today was definitely one for the scrapbooks! Thanks to the team for making this possible.

Ben Millman-O’Sullivan

Had a fantastic time, thanks!

  • Thanks for the great day! Will definitely come back and recommend to people

Jack Newman

had a brilliant time at fleming lines. riot shields were a brilliant addition to the CQB

Private Party Southampton Monday

Jim Cole
commented on Airborne-airsoft’s Southampton album.

Jim wrote: “Fantastic time !! Knackered but hugely enjoyable. If my shifts allow it I will defo be back. Thanks guys , great job”

Clara Panda Atkin

Commented, on Airborne-airsoft’s, Southampton album.

Clara wrote: “Great day. Even though I twisted my ankle at the bridge I continued on for the day and had a great time :-)”

Mathew Sharpe

Posted on Facebook

Amazing time, thanks a bunch!

Jake Frebel

Posted on Facebook

From all of us a big thank you to John and Kieran for the amazing day that they allowed us to have. Even though we only went in a small group, they have made the day very educational and enjoyable.

The equipment provided was at a high standard and we haven’t experience any problems apart from few battle scares that could be expected.

We’ll be back again and recommend this place to others. GO TEAM BLUE !!!  — with Jim Cole and 5 others.

Private Party Longmoor UTC

Cole Michael Gonga

Posted on Facebook

Amazing day, brilliant staff, lots of scenarios, run professionally, for every type, from the superfit to the not so. Get involved. The most fun without killing anybody!! Lol . Lots of smoke, flash bangs, cheap to purchase and brilliant team building


Ben Harding
posted on Facebook

Many thanks to all the guys and girls at Airborne for another fantastic day at Op Longbow, as usual you were excellent hosts and put a lot of thought into the scenarios and the game was full of tense points! We cant wait for the next event and you can count on Barbarians Airsoft being there!! 

Ramon Arana

Posted on Facebook

I really liked the place, i strongly recommend it and the airborne airsoft team are very good! Saludos

Carl Curtis

Posted on Facebook
Coolest props ever and probs the best site I have been too, plus the guys who run it are always tip top

It’s true, your commitment to the players is awesome and the attention to detail within the game play is just as good.

The props just get better each game, really looking forward to the next one 

Simom Lamb

Posted on Facebook

Thanks John, Kenny, Kieran and co for the day, a few slight issues but feedback has been given but overall another well scripted day buy you guys!! Thanks again. 

John Tickner

Posted on Facebook

Thanks for a great day, I ache all over.

Paul Banks

Posted on Facebook

Guys, thanks again for yet another amazing day. I don’t think ive played games that have better stories and action. Oh and as ever you spoil us with brilliant toys. And the visitor at the end was a great end to an epic day …. bring on the next chapter of the story !


Private Birthday Party Longmoor Woodland

Hi John

Sorry, should have done this straight away. My apologies.

Thank you for making Alfie’s birthday party so special! The boys had a brilliant time, Kenny, John and Matt were so enthusiastic, professional and made it fantastic fun.  All the boys want to do it again! I Would highly recommend Airborne Airsoft for a fun outdoor activity in a safe environment, together with learning new skills.

Thank you all again for a great afternoon.

With Kind regards


Private Birthday Party Longmoor Woodland

Susan Sweeney

Well Fillan had a fantastic 13th Birthday Bash. Really big thanks to John, Kenny and Matt. All the boys want to come back ASAP. Bring on the Young Guns

Op Explode : Longmoor Sat

Matt Silas

Hey guys, I’ve just uploaded the pictures I took on the day. Follow link below and have a look through!  Many thanks once again to all the players and to the Staff of Airborne Airsoft for such a great day!


Somerset Airsofter

Commented on Airborne Airsoft’s photo.

Somerset wrote: “Absolutely awesome day today at Longmoor and another example from all the guys and girls at Airborne-Airsoft of how to plan and execute a first class experience! Well worth the money and the trip from Somerset, count us in for Total War in June!” 

Simon O’brien
Hi guys, i presume it wasnt found but just incase i lost the Brass moter house screw from my magpul PTW grip. incase it was found thanks for a fab day ! after grub was the best afternoon of airsoft ive ever had 

Jamie William Hodges

Just got home from Longmoor.

Had an epic road trip and camping night with eight of my mates and a great day’s airsoft! Thanks to Airborne Airsoft for hosting the event and thanks to all the players! I would tag you all in this post but it would be quite a few! 

Nicholas Jones

Commented on Airborne Airsoft’s status.

Nicholas wrote: “I think I was the “one man army” being referred to having captured and cleared the graveyard using lots of pyros. Many thanks again for running this incredible event gents and it’s safe to say an amazing day was had by all. Massively looking forward to more…”

Paul Banks

posted on Airborne-airsoft’s timeline

“Gents, Thanks for arranging an unbelievably epic Day at Longmoor today. The Objectives were well thought out, the game fast past and totally immersive. Outstanding ! ”

Paul Holt

posted on Airborne-airsoft’s timeline

“another outstanding day thanks to all. look forward to next just made it even more atmospheric…but hope its sunny next time..”

Daniel Shears

posted on Airborne-airsoft’s timeline

“Thanks to all the DS and photographers that made today possible, my team mates and I had an epic day. If you are planning another event at longmoor this year, count us in.


Hi John,

Thanks to all for a great day.

Chris Small

Commented on Airborne-airsoft’s photo.

Chris wrote: “Ty Airborne Airsoft ’twas an Epic Day we look forward to the next.”

Photos of the day by Nick Kennard

Private Event : Southampton Sat

Many thanks for the excellent day we had with you all on Saturday. We all really enjoyed the experience and you guys were fantastic. You were encouraging, informative, fun and professional. Dave really enjoyed himself as did we all.


Re feedback, there are a couple of things that I would love to put into the mixing bowl of ideas:

* Target practice during the training to find out what your weapon can do would be great.
(We Will put up some Fig11 & 12 targets for practice)

* Real life simulation whereby you are all in the field in 2 teams and when you get hit, you literally fall to the ground and die, and the team to kill all
members of the other team first are the winners.
(We do Real life Simulation at our main games sites, but found with fun/stag days like yours with such small numbers
smaller skirmish games are
 better suited however we will add that option to our Fun/Stag list as part of the booking process)

* The VIP scenario was good but would have been better if we had to get Dave back to a “destination”

* The Fortress assault was fantastic fun

As a professional magician my hands literally are my “gold” so advice to bring gloves and a cap would be fantastic.

Overall a fabulous day and thanks to all of you


Chris Dugdale

Reply: Chris Thank you for your feedback.
Airborne Airsoft


Op Mongoose

Luke Wenlock
commented on Airborne-airsoft’s link.
Luke wrote: “Guys just wanted to say a massive thank you from me and the lads, was without a doubt the best airsoft event to date! To everyone who made it happen, staff, players and all the guys from FireFight, thank you! Can’t wait for the next one!”

Raphael Ochoa
posted on Airborne-airsoft’s Wall
“Bloody Brilliant Day we had! Even Though 2 Warhwaks only attended we surely had a brilliant day. Thanks to the DS Staff and FCS for making another hardcore. Looking forward to another MILSIM day @ Longmoor.

Below is the result of your feedback form.  It was submitted by

() on Sunday, September 9, 2012 at 18:44:14


Name: Mike

Message: Hi Guys,

Just wanted to say thanks to you all (the AA DS and the FCS team) for a fantastic day, well organised, well run, and well played by all of those who attended, we’ll be coming back for the next one at Longmoor.

Team Black Rain

Nick Kennard

posted on your Wall

“Hi John, please see link below for today’s game day photos, thanks for a very good day today and thanks to the DS staff for a fantastic day.

Nick Kennard

Simon Lamb

Posted on Airborne-airsoft’s Wall
Another superb game drawn up by the AA chaps….Cracking once agian cheers fellers!!!!!

Jason Hoath
Posted on Airborne-airsoft’s Wall
Thanks for a great day guys see you on the next one.”

Chris Small
Posted on Airborne-airsoft’s Wall
Superb day had by all Chameleon members at Longmoor looking forward to another couple this year, TY guys HORAHHH to the directing staff and all!!!!
Matt Smith
Posted on Airborne-airsoft’s Wall
Had an excellent day yesterday at Op Mongoose, very well run and can’t wait to see the pictures of the action.
Roy Braithwaite
Posted on Airborne-airsoft’s Wall
Still buzzing from yesterday chaps wot a well run game day loved it and we will be back next time with a few more of the team. Big thanks to all the DS and players. Till next time may your balls fly true and on target

Veerle Van Gorp
posted on Airborne-airsoft’s Wall
Thanks for a great day yesterday, thanks guys xxx

Matt Smith
Posted on Airborne-airsoft’s Wall
Had an excellent day yesterday at Op Mongoose, very well run and can’t wait to see the pictures of the action.

Jemery Benford
Jav Vid

 Op Pegasus

Tony Osborne

It was really enjoyable, you guys put in a lot of effort for us, …. respawn … clock good; separate respawn points preferred and/or simple rules on re-engaging …..that said i still enjoyed a good day out … look forward to next time !

Andrew Osborne

(friends with Tony Osborne) commented on Airborne-airsoft’s status.

“Great day, full of laughs, and loads of fun! Said it before and will say it again, you guys do a brilliant job, and will definately keep coming back!”

David Wilkinson

commented on Airborne-airsoft’s status.

“It was a really great day, had a lot of fun, have to agree that a spawn point for each time would work better but keep the clock idea as that worked well.”

Thank You David

Everyone liked the clock method, it was the first time we have used it on recommendation from another player and another Airsoft company and we agree we should try using two Re-Gen points with the clock method. which we will at the next event.


Nick McKnight Tregunna

Ha ha ha told you I’d get you back for shooting me in the nuts.

DS it was a fantastic day, and considering you were served that fastball you done very well. Indeed It was a pleasure fighting with the Blues and shooting the Reds. See you next time.

James Cook

Hi John,

Thanks for letting me come along and take photos at Longmoor. It was a good laugh, thanks to you and your staff (all of whom were friendly and happy to help me out).

Photos by James Cook

Paul Banks

posted on Airborne-airsoft’s Wall

“Gent’s …. Thanks for a great day one of the best of my airsofting times so far …. ”

Freddie Jerome

posted on Airborne-airsoft’s Wall

“First time to the site and reali enjoyed may come back again”

Russ Bloomfield

posted on Airborne-airsoft’s Wall

“Kenny and john well done great day had such a good time!! ;)”

Nick Kennard

Hi John, thanks for a fantastic day, just doing the photo and getting then ready for upload

Photos by Nick Kennard & Aaron James

Simon Lamb

posted on Airborne-airsoft’s Wall

“Thanks again chaps, superb day looking forward to September!!!!!!!!”


Op Dish Dash

Gavin Scott 10 May 08:34

Hi john, dnt know if u will remember me i was at op dish dash. Really enjoyed the event and i like 2see a company that listen 2there players. Myself and my brother spoke with u about the clock idea and see u guys have taken it on board 2develop the game play. Sadly i cnt make the next game but hope 2be back soon


Well done guys another fantastic ballistic day

Papot Kulafu

Thanks grandpa the day was nice even thou I did twisted my knee more power to airborne airsoft see u soon

Veerle Van Gorp

Had a great time yesterday, a big thank you for the airborne airsoft team. Any pics up yet? 

Jason Johnson aka grizzly

Hey guys, had an awesome time on the 7th, up the marines, lol was just wondering, do you know the name of the flicker account where all the pictures from that day are being posted????   Thanks again guys, always a laugh


Op Loot Exchange and the games afterwards.

Dawn wrote on the Wall for Op Loot Exchange. 

“Thanks for the blatt today guys! Great value for a tenner!! You’ve got an awesome woodland site there with some great structures. Low numbers but still action packed, fast paced and enjoyable. Can’t wait to come down and do a full review on it….it may be the longest yet as there’s so much to talk about. *everyone needs to get their ar**s down there and check it out* Do it. LCBrain.”


Ross wrote:

Really impressed with the games on Saturday guys!  Big thanks to the staff and the Last Chancers for a great time. We’re hoping to get some more of our lot down for the Longmoor Game.


Luke wrote:

“I would also like to add, cheers for a great day, car boot went down very well and it was nice to see new faces. The site is awesome and with more numbers will be a great place to play, really enjoyed the day and many thanks to the enemy team for putting up a good fight and thanks to the ds for running it well. LC’s Titch.”

The staff at Airborne Airsoft is looking forward to seeing you all again.


Longmoor UTC

I always like to give you honest feedback of the weekend so here goes!!!


The whole experience was pure adrenalin packed fantasy.

Arriving at camp with a DS on gate who was pleasant, friend and helpful.

(Kit) My brother walked in Ops room (looking like Russell Brands younger brother) got hit by the fact that everyone had gear and he was in skinny jeans and was out of place, John provided him with the Overalls and the felt that he fitted in.

This was also commented by Ian and Mike so a massive win.

Mask, Hire weapons were good, slight problem with my gun but swapped out straight way so no impact

New DS staff you had were brilliant, no egos, funny, gave good guidance when things were going way off course but didn’t stop the flow of the games. Handled outburst by players professional

Game scenarios were good and varied, leaving the buildings to later on gave everyone a chance to warm up working more as a team before we were all on each other.

Rations Demo was brilliant very very funny.

The night Milsim was great, pyrotechnics made it feel authentic and a realisation to how hard it is to work as a unit at night. The guidance was welcome through the night.

Accommodation was a nice and welcome touch.

Briefings through the weekend were great, with enough info to know what we were going to do and why we were doing it.

I honestly can’t think of one negative about the weekend.

I have just joined online chat with my brother and his mates on the Xbox and the whole topic of conversation was about the Airsoft all evening.

I just want to thank you for an amazing weekend.

Cheers again,


Hi John,

Just a quick line to say, myself and Steve had an outstanding day and wished we could have stayed for the full weekend.

Many thanks to all the staff and players and look forward to the next one.



Luke wrote:

Had a seriously awesome time this weekend guys, very well run and the night op was bloody brilliant, all the pyro made the night seem very realistic, was great fun! Cheers again for a good weekend and I look forward to the next one, as Ted said ‘in slightly warmer weather’ Please.

Thanks once again for a weekend which will not be forgotten.


Chris ‘Ted’ Toms wrote on the Wall for Op Colossus WEEKEND EVENT.

Chris wrote: “Awesome weekend guys, had a great time and a great experience and training.  Looking forward to another one, in slightly, ‘warmer’ weather LoL.

Thanks again.


Aaron James wrote on the Wall for Op Colossus WEEKEND EVENT.

Aaron wrote: “Hi All.

My photos from the weekend have been uploaded.

Was a great day, Thanks all. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Dawn Cameron-Hollyer wrote on the Wall for Op Colossus WEEKEND EVENT.

Dawn wrote: “I feel broken…*I’m sure a lot of people feel the same*

Thanks for putting on a good event guys!! DS staff – a pleasure as always, met some great people over the course of the weekend :)”

Brilliant day, really enjoyed it, and huge thanks to marshals and all the experienced players for putting up with us ‘newbie’s’ Will bring lots more newbie’s next time, just make it soon (please) and urban !!

Tony Osborne

Amazing day yesterday lads! Great efforts from both sides throughout the day and always guaranteed a good day going against the Last Chancers, great playing against them! =D and cheers to all the Marshalls that kept the game rolling throughout the day, really good day!!

Luke Wenlock

Fantastic day look forward to next one thanks

Cliff Wilson

Me, my son and team mates (N2L) attended op sandstorm and we all want to say thanks for an absolutely brilliant day out. The site is amazing and very well run.

The site gives great variety for game play and you guys made sure we got to use as much as possible and matched the games to the areas of play very well.

Marshalling was done very well and with humour. We are all looking forward to our next visit with you guys.



I would just like to say I had a fantastic day and really liked the game’s played particularly the attack/defend tank at the end of the day.

Sorry for late feedback but me and my friends would definitely come back again in the future!

Best Regards



Can I just say, the 23rd was a brilliant day, me and team threshold had an awesome time!! May be up again soon!!!

Also do you have a review section on your website?? Because I’d like to do a write up if that is cool with you!???



Sorry it’s taken me so long to get back to you had a really hectic week.

Right, did I enjoy myself? Hell yea I did, the site was definitely spot on. The scenarios again, spot on.

It was the best day out airsofting I have ever had. Would definitely recommend it to anyone and can’t wait to get up there again.


The Black Scorpions got a chance to play at this fantastic venue for the second time.

On this visit, the event was hosted by Airborne Airsoft, an outfit made up of several ex and currently serving members of the armed forces.

The day started with the traditional brief, which was clear and concise. Because of their backgrounds, the marshals knew how to make good use of the site, putting together several very well laid out games throughout the day with moving objectives which allowed us to play in most parts of the site at one point or another.

In the largest game of the day we had to capture a ‘colonel’ from the enemy, secure him in a specific building before moving him to an extraction point and escaping on the train. This took us up to lunchtime, after which we were asked if we would like to play the same scenario in reverse or something different. We opted for the scenario in reverse, but it was certainly refreshing to be given options by the organizers.

Lunch was provided. A burger and hotdog along with a can of drink went down very well and is something we’d like to see at more sites. Extra snacks were available to purchase throughout the day

Black Scorpions

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