Is Airsoft dangerous?
No. If the safety rules covered in the safety briefing are followed. Airsoft is relatively harmless. The biggest  risks in Airsoft injury from trips and slips and falling over or running into an inanimate object such as a tree as most of our events are in woodland or incorporate various obstacles and barriers. Some MilSim games may involve an element of manual handling kit and equipment relevant to the missions being played

Can I bring my own Ammo if I hire and what quantity will I need?

Yes, if you’re a regular skirmisher and only if it is of a high enough quality to work in the guns. Damage to the guns caused by use of your own poor quality ammo is chargeable. Corporate and party group customers may only use our ammo. Quantity required for a given event depends how trigger happy you are, but 3000 rounds is usually enough for a good days play. Some players use less, some more and in some situations much more.

Do you have Ammo Rules?
Yes. Usually in our Milsim games Click Here for more information

The velocity limits is 1.3 Joule, (approx. 350 fps) with a .2g BB for AEG’S (Automatic Electric Guns). There is a 5% leeway for chronograph variation. Single shot guns Sniper Rifles and Pistol 2.5 joule (approx. 520 fps) with a .2g BB, with a minimum engagement distance of 15 meters for Sniper Rifles.

The user must be certified by the site to be able to use one and show they are responsible and able to accurately judge 15 meters. All guns on site are subject to a random chronograph test as necessary.

Age limits?
We can take players that are in secondary school education (9 years old ) up to those drawing a pension and beyond. All are catered for, old or young.

Does it hurt?
Yes Airsoft can hurt and a BB will leave a mark if it hits unprotected skin or clothing tightly stretched over it. It’s a bit like being flicked with a towel, through your clothing you will hardly feel it, but soft skin, like the cheek or inner thigh will undoubtedly hurt more. One area that is vulnerable is your teeth, there is no give in a tooth and all the energy is absorbed by it if you are hit in the tooth by a BB. Full face masks obviously prevent this, but those players that make a conscious decision not to wear full face protection are advised to protect such areas with alternative means. Airsoft hurts a lot less than paint ball, but you do run the risk of receiving small red welts from impacts. The upside is without a little pain, there is no more incentive to avoid hits than a computer game. The adrenaline produced by a player when in game may well mean they don’t feel any affects of being hit until they return home.

Are days available outside the standard Airborne Airsoft calendar for private party event bookings?
Yes, we can run days at virtually any time but there is a minimum number of players. Private Events

Do iI have to book i advance?
Yes. We require deposits to secure your place at all of our events. Unless stated, a 50% deposit is required to be paid to Airborne Airsoft prior to the event you wish to attend. Deposits are non refundable and non transferable unless the event is cancelled by Airborne Airsoft.

What happens if I book, but don’t turn up?

If you book for an event and don’t turn up for your event, unfortunately, deposits are lost as we will have already arranged staff cover for the event well in advance and bought in the relevant resources required to administer your event.

How do I know that I have been hit?

Airsoft is a sport that relies on players to act honourably at all times as unlike paintball, there is no visible paint ‘splatter’ from hits. Trust is bestowed on players in all aspects of the games and we expect all players, new and old to play to the highest standards. When you are hit, you will experience a slight stinging sensation from the impact at which point you raise your hand, shout hit and remove yourself from the game, usually for a very short period to return to ‘regen’ to respawn as reinforcements and return to the game. We operate a zero tolerance policy for cheating and bad behaviour which will not be tolerated. If a player is found to be cheating they will be asked to leave and no refund of game fees will be given.

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