Recent brutal cannibalistic murders in the vicinity of the recent meltdown at Longreach bio weapons facility… the question is, are these linked? Read more »
Hi Guys and Gals! Fancy upping your game and learning some new drills and skills taught by serving qualified instructors then look no further! On the first Wednesday evening of every month at Bunker 51 Airborne Airsoft host regular progressive training sessions where we teach real steel tactics, all designed to enhance your airsoft experience […] Read more »
Since the catastrophic meltdown at Longreach bio weapons plant there have been significant public concerns about increased disorder. Our Reporter from The Gun newspaper, Kenny B writes…. Read more »
Coming soon to Browndown camp and Fleming Lines….. Read more »
The next instalment of our Total War campaign is fast approaching on 7/5/16! With Vendetta rebels having once again thwarted NATO plans to repopulate the Bramley Uranium Facility (B.U.M.) Vince Vendetta has taken the initiative and secured the facility before NATO can attempt to reinstate it as a fully functioning weaponised uranium mine. Whilst NATO […] Read more »
You can only call yourself a true Airsofter if you at least dare to try most styles of Airsoft games and several sites around your country, and at least one, if possible outside your country. And the more I get to know and experience new things, the more I want to try new sites and […] Read more »
Tales From The Hardside – An Interview with Airborne Airsoft This time around we take the time out to sit down with Kenny from Airborne Airsoft. Kenny, for those who’ve not already met this amiable and approachable fellow, he hails from an illustrious military and law enforcement background. This is all very aptly echoed in […] Read more »
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