Are your mates tough enough?

Forget about the usual paintball party shoot ‘em ups and step up your game! Treat your Stag, Hen or birthday group to a hard-core military simulation. We can take you from boot camp, through to realistic Hostage rescue scenarios and intense woodland and urban fire fights. Whether it’s a sneaky reconnaissance mission or a full on adrenaline fuelled building assault we can provide the equipment, knowledge and experience to make your day memorable

You can either fight amongst yourselves in skirmish games, or if you think you’re hard enough, battle against our team of ex-forces and airsoft veterans.

We will tailor the morning, afternoon, day or weekend to fit around what you want to do. From basic fire and manoeuvre tactics through to all-out assaults with the latest Airsoft Weapons and pyrotechnic grenades, we will make sure you have an amazing time – in fact, we guarantee it! If you require the ‘Stag’ or birthday boy or girl to be ‘specially attired’ for the day I am sure we can meet your needs or ensure any ‘specialist kit’ you provide, is worn for the event!

Once hostilities cease we can then sit around the camp fire and exchange war stories and compare BB pellet marks over a few tinnies and army rations or a tasty range stew.

We have a fleet of top of the range airsoft equipment including weapons, face protection clothing and ammunition available and if the event requires it, we can also access extra resources should it be a large enough booking.

How much does it cost?

Our private party rate can vary depending on group size and venue required. Our typical fee per head for a private party event is £85 per head. The exception to this rule is if Longmoor Army camp is required then the rate increases to £160 per head for the first 20 players then £120 thereafter to account for the extra rental costs we incur when hiring the facilities on camp for the day. A minimum of 20 players is required for hire of this venue and also Blitz CQB.

Discounts may be available for event organisers and larger party groups. Details upon application.

Contact us now on 07947989230 to arrange the experience that you and your colleagues and mates will be talking about for years to come.

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