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Airborne Airsoft Gaming and Site Rules


1) All persons must book in on arrival to the site.

2) The isolated location & size of the site require the use of audible whistles as an emergency procedure. Six whistle blasts is the international emergency signal. If this signal is heard return to the safe area immediately. In t6he absence of whistle, Directing Staff may use STOP STOP STOP

3) All players when handling an Airsoft weapon shall obey the Basic Code. There will be no discharging of Airsoft weapons within 50 ft of any public highway.

4) Safe Areas will be identified to players at start of play. When in a safe area all weapons must be unloaded, magazines removed & made safe. A member of staff will identify a test firing area.

5) Abusive &/or aggressive behaviour will not be tolerated. Anyone behaving in this manner will be ordered back to the safe area. They will be allowed to rejoin the game after a suitable ‘cooling off’ period. Any repeat of abusive or aggressive behaviour will result in that person being ordered to leave the site immediately.

6) Eye protection is mandatory & must be worn at all times outside of the safe areas. It is recommended that full-face protection be worn by way of a paint ball type face mask or a mesh face mask. As a minimum suitable CE approved shooting glasses must be worn.

7) The velocity limits is 1.3 Joule, (approx 350 fps) with a .2g BB for AEG’S (Automatic Electric Guns). There is a 5% leeway for chronograph variation. Single shot guns Sniper Rifles and Pistol 2.5 Jouls (approx 520 fps) with a .2g BB, with a minimum engagement distance of 15 meters for Sniper Rifles.

DMR or sniper grade weapons may not be used at Blitz CQB due to the very up close and personal nature of the venue.

The user must be certified by the site to be able to use one and show they are responsible and able to accurately judge 15 meters. All guns on site are subject to a random chronograph test as necessary.

8) The only ammunition to use shall be plastic BB’s. These must be of a maximum weight of 0.36g.

9) The use of pyrotechnics is allowed on most sites. Detonation of an explosive pyrotechnic within 3 metres of a player is deemed a hit. Any persons bringing pyrotechnics onto the site must declare them to the Site Safety Officer for clearance. During extended periods of dry weather the use of pyrotechnics might be suspended due to fire risk. The Company shall advise all players prior to the start of an event as to any limits on the size & power of any pyrotechnic to be used. This applies in particular to weekend events. We cannot allow use of pyro at Fleming Lines at all and at Blitz CQB pyro is restricted to BFG type grenade.

10) Airsoft gaming relies on the honesty of players. Anyone reported to the Company representatives, as not taking ‘hits’ will be monitored by the DS. If a player is found to be ignoring ‘hits’ they will be removed from play & briefed on the rules of the particular game. Persistent cheating will result in that player being asked to leave the site.

11) Short-range engagements can be dangerous in intensity, especially at Blitz CQB. Airborne Airsoft  operate a knife or ‘touch’ kill – if you are close enough to touch an opponent with the muzzle of your weapon gently or to use a plastic or rubber close combat type weapon you may do so and the hit will be deemed as valid. At Young Guns games we may operate the ‘bang’ rule. If an enemy is within 2 metres call ‘bang’ to indicate they have been engaged & hit.

12) Deliberate head shots are not permitted. However, if your target is deliberately using this rule to gain advantage you may engage them. Do not use overkill on your target. Head shots are acceptable if that is the only part of your opponent available. Gun hits still count as a hit.

13) Airborne Airsoft believes in as realistic game play as possible. We use basic medic rules in most games.


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