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    Airborne Airsoft Presents…..TOTAL WAR!

    Total war is a different concept of Airborne Airsoft event, designed to provide the ultimate warfare experience outside of deploying in a real theatre of operations.

    This is an MilSim campaign, designed to be played full on over a single day or a full weekend and with players bringing what they will need to live off for the event. Each instalment of the campaign narrative will be affected by the result of the previous mission with further instalments to follow based on the results of the previous operation. Our campaigns are written to run for 3 years so if you miss one game you can always read the debrief and get back up to speed before the next Op.

    Each team has a dedicated command structure with communications experts and other roles such as a QRF – Quick Reaction Force, Medics, Recce teams, snipers, PROT detail – protection teams, Stag groups and various other roles to make each team operate and interact like a real military unit.

    Don’t get me wrong, it’s not all about tabbing across huge areas with a massive Bergen – we will allow you to cache your kit – something you will have to plan yourself, but you will be expected at all times to carry what you need to administer yourself in the field. It’s all about providing you a realistic tactical simulated combat experience. You may not even get to see then enemy until your recce team spots them or you find yourself at the wrong end of a two way range!

    Each instalment of Total War is natural progression of the narrative but the results of the operations are objective based and although we write the missions, the players play the game and the end result is down to each teams performance based across pre written and pre issued missions and intel.

    If you’re a new recruit to airsoft and specifically milsim then here are a couple of helpful terms that may get your head around the Jargon:

    MilSim: Military Simulation airsoft event.

    LoadoutUniform to be worn, team specific for this campaign and must be adhered to. If you attend your camo will dictate which side you are allocated to. If you attend dressed as a NATO operator then that’s the team you will be allocated to, even if you want to play as Vendetta.

    Field dressing: A padded type of pressure bandage required for milsim medic rules. Not issued by Airborne Airsoft.

    Dead rag: A 10 x 10” red cloth to be placed on your head when hit. Avoids people doing the dead mans walk whilst still in play which is cheating. Not issued by Airborne Airsoft.

    STAG: Standing at Guard at a particular place, usually on a rota system.

    Comms: A radio and or headset. Not issued by Airborne Airsoft.

    RIF/AEG: The guns we use. Allowed to fire at up to 350 fps.

    DMR: Designated marksmans rifle. A longer ranged AEG allowed to fire up to 420 fps if restricted to semi auto only.

    Hi cap: A magazine that carries a lot of ammo and rattles like a castanet. Not allowed at milsim missions.

    Mid cap: A medium sized magazine which carries around 100 bb’s

    Low cap: A real steel sized mag designed to carry a realistic amount of ammo – typically 30 bb’s.

    Mid or low cap magazines only please at campaign milsim games.

    NO two tone weapons and you MUST attend correctly attired wearing sturdy footwear – Trainers will not be allowed as they offer insufficient foot protection. We issue an in depth safety brief at these missions – you MUST listen to the briefing.


    Leaving the camp outside of allotted event times can only be done by prior arrangement with Airborne Airsoft DS. All players leaving need to be escorted so we will allow a window at 1500 hrs for those that have to leave early but this is the only time we will do an escorted exfil run prior to endex. For 12 hr players the endex time will be 1900 hrs. 

    As always our aim is for you to live the scenario rather than just play a game, so if full on, hard core Milsim is for you, then perhaps it’s time you signed up to mobilise for TOTAL WAR! You will need to ensure you attend with the correct kit so each player will need a field dressing for the medic rule, a red 10″ x 10″ dead rag for walking back to regen and mid cap or low cap mags only. Its encouraged you also carry  source of hydration as these events can be demanding. We will not provide dressings or dead rags so don’t be that guy that turns up without the correct kit for hard core missions.

    At military venues we have a strict age limit of 18 and over.


    12 hr option Advanced booking   £60     Normal booking £65        Walk on £70                         

    Paid as a deposit of £30 then the remainder as cash on the day. Deposits are non transferable and non refundable unless the event is cancelled by Airborne Airsoft. Advanced booking is open until a month prior to the event!

    This is a 12 Hr event and we will squeeze as much game time out of the time on camp.


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