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  • All Arms Cadre Grading Structure

    Time scales to achieve are entirely down to ability and regular attendance and the more grades you achieve, the cheaper your Airsoft with us becomes!

    White Patch

    Your first grade and recognition of good development and growing skills Estimated time to achieve = 0 – 6 months.

    Red Patch

    The second of the cadre grades. This patch means you have demonstrated tactical competency across some basic areas. Estimated time to achieve = 6 – 12 months

    Green Patch

    One of the hardest of the grades to achieve and a benchmark grade – you have made it over half way. Estimated time to achieve = 12 – 18 months

    Blue Patch

    Senior student grade having demonstrated competency in most areas of training. Estimated time to achieve = 18 months to 2 years

    Black Patch

    ighest Cadre grade and senior student. Estimated time to achieve = 2-3 years

  • Airborne Airsoft Training Wing ‘All arms’ Cadre

    Already an established airsoft team or a bunch of newbie’s with little experience wanting to gel as a team, then look no further! The Airborne Airsoft Training Wing offer authentic tactical firearms training designed to take your airsoft team to the next level. We can offer individual team packages designed to build on your existing strengths as a team and to identify and strengthen your weaknesses. Why be the rest, why not be the best!

    If you are looking to improve your skills and drills and enhance your tactics, why not try our graded system of Airsoft training, The All arms Cadre. The purpose of the Cadre is to run a series of graded sessions with students attending achieving a high standard of tactical awareness and the outcome of which will not only be an improved Airsoft experience, but also a graded ‘patch system’ similar in essence to martial arts belt systems. Each grade represents a rank structure within the cadre, with the black patch being the senior grade.

    The operational experience of our Directing Staff is there so you can glean as much as you can from our own training, in either one off single days, to fully documented training packages built around a bespoke tactical syllabus. What we teach is all tailored to improving your airsoft experience, wherever you choose to play. We provide full honest feedback to all course students and more importantly, our courses are fun, so if there is a particular area of training you would like us to deliver to you please contact us for more information.

    Prices can vary based around your needs, and the duration of training required and training can also be delivered at your local site if this is your preferred option. Travel expenses and possible accommodation costs may apply depending on the distance you would like our training team to travel. A typical day’s private team training for roughly 6 hours is £55 per head working on a basis of a minimum number of 8 students dependent on location. We already run all arms cadre training at our following training areas:

    Fleming Lines –TBC. Price per head is £tbc.

    All attendance for training must be booked via the website as we need to ensure we have enough instructors available.

    The Training Wing is not as much about promoting elitism within Airsoft, but more about creating a brotherhood within the sport of Airsoft, regardless of the colour of your patch.

    Simply by recognising someone else with a patch, you know immediately that you are kindred spirits and have more than a little in common and have passed grading indicating they have reached a level of competency above the average airsofter. Also, there is no ‘selection’ or rite of passage and no it doesn’t make you an SAS super soldier but, just like in martial arts, the more you attend and train, the quicker you will grade and achieve. The end result being the more tactically proficient you will become – a reason why special units train and train constantly. Hopefully by achieving your patches, you are becoming the Airsoft team leaders and ambassadors of the future!

    Our team of directing staff have well over 100 years of military and tactical firearms experience between them and there is a lot of knowledge we want to pass on, all in the name of forging a brotherhood of tier 1 high calibre players.

    Interested in upping your game? Give us a call on 07947 989230 and we can discuss your training needs as either an individual or a team.

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