What is Airsoft?

Airsoft is the next evolution of tactical combat simulations from Paintball. It originated in Japan and gradually spread around the world and instead of firing balls of paint at each other, Airsoft weapons fire small plastic ball bearings referred to as BB’s. Airsoft evolved further from the early days of paintball skirmishing and has progressed onto tactical military simulation, or ‘milsim’ games and events using realistic imitation firearms and fully automatic bb guns to create realistic scenarios. Whilst you might have heard of BB guns before and perhaps seen them at a local market place, the ones used in Airsoft are more often than not 1 to 1 replicas, often engraved with manufacturer markings such as Colt or Heckler and Koch, and for all intents and purposes are classed as realistic imitation firearms as the weight and build quality is very close to the real thing Like this M4 hire gun below:

M4 Short

m4 short

M4 Carbine


The main difference though is accuracy, and most Airsoft electric guns fire on fully automatic so rather than pumping out a couple of paint balls you can really suppress your enemy with a burst of 30 rounds within a couple of seconds. Our games are often based on real events and designed and ran by our Directing Staff who have significant operational experience, and it’s such experience that enables us to run games that are second to none. The ultimate airsoft experience.

The beauty of Airsoft, is that with Airborne Airsoft, it’s a chance to get geared up in kit similar to what you might see on call of duty or in the military and then rather than just go and play a game, you live the scenario. Airsoft is also used by the police and military in combat and tactical firearms simulations and training in many countries, because of its realism and our missions are designed so for a few hours you forget the humdrum of normal life and fully immerse yourself in simulated combat where not only will we test you, but you will test yourself.

At Airborne Airsoft we have various venues and training areas and go to the locations tab for more details or contact Kenny on 07949154040

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