Airborne Airsoft Presents…..Zombiesim!!

Zombiesim is a different concept of Airborne Airsoft event, designed to provide the ultimate scare experience set at the start of a zombie apocalypse!

You will be a member of a team of survivors trying to obtain resources, gather weapons and get to your  exfil site, a helipad a few clicks away…the only thing stopping you from getting to Sanctuary Bastion, are the hordes of the infected dead standing between you, the resources you need to gather to guarantee your place on the chopper and a flight to safety!

You will be given a kit list of survival essentials which you must bring  for your final journey to Sanctuary Bastion – a survival grab bag with the bare essentials….energy bars, water, basic first aid dressings, torch and batteries and of course and clothing you might need.

Once you arrive at the jumping off point, Fleming Lines Forward Operating Base, you will be sent out with the assistance of military personnel to gather your resources and also rescue any other potential survivors you encounter along the way.

If you get bitten though, you will have a short  amount of time to locate the bio-serum required to slow the infection process until you get to Bastion….if you don’t neutralize a bite within 30 minutes you will join the ranks of the Infected dead!

This is an immersive scare event, designed to be played full on over an evening, single day or a full weekend and with players bringing what they will need to live off for the event. Weapons and ammunition can be brought along but will be allocated by the Directing Staff so no need to come looking like a walking arsenal!

Sturdy boots, gloves and outdoor clothing is all you need – remember, you aren’t portraying Seal Team 6, you are a survivor trying to escape and avoid joining the ranks of the Infected dead!

This event is available for booking as a private party event and we will also be running our own bookable sessions.

The question is, will you survive Zombiesim?

Book now via the calendar section to secure your place on the last chopper out of town before its over run!


Find out by contacting us to set up an event.

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